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Boss's Day Gift Baskets

Your boss is one person who remembers you as much as a family member does. After all, the office is a kind of extended family and your colleagues are sometimes more than friends.

If you have a good boss, consider yourself fortunate because a good boss is not only easy to work with but also easy to show appreciation to when the time comes. Score some brownie points with the boss by sending one of these great Boss’s Day Gift Baskets.

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Boss's Day Gift Baskets

This year, why not get your boss something different? Take up an office collection and order a gift basket for your boss. If you send a big one and they are truly a good leader, they will share it with the people who make them shine. Boss’s Day Gift Baskets are a sure way to get some major brownie points, and who couldn't use some extra points these days? You can send Boss's Day baskets for supervisors and office managers too. Let your boss know they are simply the best or tell them they are a cut above the rest.

The “Simply the Best” gift basket will let the boss know they've received simply the best with this absolutely stunning basket, filled with gourmet delicacies! This very attractive, over-sized gift basket will score high points with any person or group of people lucky enough to be on your gift list! It features such as a box of Hickory Smoked Almonds, Pistachios, a large box of assorted Chocolate Dipped Cookies, Wine-Cheese-Caviar Crackers, Black Caviar imported from Iceland, White Zinfandel Havarti cheese spread, Chardonnay Havarti cheese spread and Cabernet Sauvignon Cheddar, Cayman Island Rum Cake, and much more. Wow, are you feeling a little bit hungry too?

The “California Splendor” gift basket is a spectacular choice for that special boss. Your very own California wine tasting awaits, along with a bevy of sweets and treats. Sit down to 4 bottles of California wines, and get the party started! Included are flatbread crisp crackers, Sonoma Jack cheese, water crackers, Brie cheese, salami, olives, smoked salmon, truffles, roasted salted California almonds, Godiva truffles, Sonoma cheese straws and so much more.

Enjoy exceptional and extraordinary Boss's Day Gift Baskets!

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