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Gift Baskets Multiple Price by Basket Size

Upon occasion baskets can come in multiple sizes with varied components hence the sub-category “Gift Baskets Multiple Price by Basket Size”. The largest of the baskets usually contains the elements of the basket one size smaller. That way each basket increases in size by adding new components and in price by those same new components. Not all baskets have a small size while others do not have a large or extra large size. In any event, there are component similarities between the baskets. In unusual cases, all of the basket sizes for a particular type of basket are different and these differences will be shown in the description.

Since there are different prices, the base price of the smallest basket is the one showing as the price of the basket and is indicated in the dropdown box with a $0 added amount. The dropdown box shows incremental amounts to be added to the base price which will be used to calculate the final price. Only one of the selections can be indicated in the dropdown box.

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Game Day Gift Basket Game Day Gift Basket
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Gift Baskets Multiple Price by Basket Size

The "Hanukkah Celebration Gift Basket" is an example of a basket coming in more than one size. Both gifts feature and a unique brown picnic style basket filled with favorite Kosher sweets and snacks including cheese and crackers, chocolate cookies, breakfast blend coffee, chocolate bars and more. The larger gift has additional types of cookies, additional cheese, additional chocolates and more. Simply click on the correct drop-down box and the appropriate gift will be selected.

Another basket with an unusual setup is the "Healthy Living Sugar-Free Gift Basket". It not only comes in two sizes but also in a choice of sugar-free chocolates or sugar-free candies. All of the baskets contain peanuts, cheese, summer sausage and focaccia crisps. The larger baskets also have additional crackers, two cheese spreads, snack mix and smoked almonds. One more choice is the selection of hard candies and fruit chews or patties and toffee. Again, click on the correct drop-down box and the appropriate box will be selected.

An example of the unusual multiple basket setup is the "Italian Gift Basket". There are four sizes, one of which just sold out, and all contain different ingredients. In this case, be sure to review the basket delicacies and select the one you would like on the “add to cart” page. Be sure to avoid the basket that has been sold out.

Enjoy reviewing the various baskets in the “Gift Baskets Multiple Price by Basket Size" category. One size basket could go to one recipient and another size to someone else. Remember the Gift Basket Café is “Where Quality and Choice Excel”.