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Gift Baskets by Price

Gift Baskets by Price are an aid in locating the perfect affordable gift. All of the baskets in the Gift Basket Cafe are listed in this category because we want you to be able to send a gift that is not only beautiful, tasty, useful or just plain fun but one that fits into your price range. Finding the perfect gift basket by price will make you feel terrific.

All of the baskets in the Gift Basket Café are located somewhere in the Gift Baskets by Price category. This category was designed to help you find the perfect gift that you can afford. It is not the purpose of the Gift Basket Café to have you pay more than you would like to, be it for multiple corporate gifts, or just for a remembrance to a close friend. Pick a sub-category within Gift Baskets by Price main category and you will smile at all of your choices.

Gift Baskets by Price

If you like a gift in a more expensive category, remember that all of the gifts have been priced for you more than for the Café. All Gift Baskets by Price has been created to fill your idea of a perfect gift. So, from the budget baskets in the Under $25 category that our young customers might like to send to their friends or family members (or even their teachers), to the exquisite baskets in the $300 and Above category that corporations might choose for that special client or exceptional team member, all gift baskets are priced for you and how you will feel when you see the reaction of the recipient.

Corporations can also choose the budget categories in Gift Baskets by Price when they would like to show appreciation to all members of an entire company or for a large event where everyone can receive a gift that shows that their management does care. And think about that perfectly wonderful spouse or special-other who wants to show how much they care (without buying the bank), that finds the perfect show of affection in the $300 and Above category. Wouldn’t we all like to receive that gift!

So, enjoy yourself while looking through Gift Baskets by Price, and locate that ideal basket to add to your cart. Know you have found a gift that few others would think of giving! And be ready to receive the smiles and, in some cases, hugs and kisses, that are sure to come.

Remember the Gift Basket Café is “Where Quality and Choice Excel”.