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Gift Towers

“Gift Towers” are an offshoot of “Gift Baskets”. They contain all of the delicious, delectable, crispy, crunchy, warm and wonderful treats that they hold. Gourmet Gift Towers make a perfect gift. Box-by-box, dismantling a tower is a delightful treat for the eyes and an amazing treat for the taste buds. Each layer is packed with delectable and decadent gourmet goodies.

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Gift Towers

Many Gift Towers can be sent as business gifts to clients, colleagues, and staff. Corporate Gift Towers are the perfect gift when you don’t know your recipient personally. Be sure to include your company name on your gift message so that the recipient knows who to thank.

Gift Towers are exceptionally fun to get. Send a Gift Tower instead of a traditional gift and watch your recipient enjoy the different look and the fun of opening up each box and finding something different in each. Each elegant and sometimes whimsical tower will be decorated in the appropriate holiday décor.

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