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Military APO/FPO Gift Baskets

Our Military APO/FPO Gift Baskets financial approval be shipped APO/FPO without the cost being three to four times the cost of the gift itself. When the baskets can be shipped reasonably, they will be placed on this site. They should include wonderful baskets with luscious chocolates, tasty snacks, delicious meats and cheeses, crunchy crackers, rum cakes and those goodies allowed to be shipped out of the country. So don’t forget our military. They need your support and your caring. We want to help you with that caring!

Military Gift Baskets

What a wonderful thing to do is send Military APO/FPO Gift Baskets to friends and friends of friends who are serving our country.   Letting them know that someone, sometimes anyone, cares is a gift unto itself.  Please continue to check to see if we have found a way to send some of these baskets overseas at a "reasonable rate".   I hope the cost is not prohibitive.