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Mother and Baby Gift Baskets

Choose from an extensive collection of Mother and Baby Gift Baskets including one that will surely enchant any parent. Instead of the usual plush Teddy Bear, how about a Safari Collection that includes a Plush Animal Rattle, a Soft Lion Ouch Pouch (for baby boo-boos), two large, colorful Safari Plush Friends, Geri the Giraffe, a Soft Plush Monkey with an attached blankie, a Soft Plush Elephant with an attached blankie, a supersoft Large Blanket and Lion Gift Set, a colorful embroidered Safari Cloth, and a colorful, ceramic animal bank. Mom and Dad will surely enjoy a box of several kinds of cookies, another box of four kinds of nuts, and the third box of pretzels, fruit mix, and specialty cookies. What a marvelous gift for the entire family.

Or, a simpler gift for the new addition is a soft, plush Warm Buddy bear with an inner heat pack that is certain to comfort and soothe baby and help her sleep. This should help both baby and mommy slumber in peace.

Enjoy multiple such gifts and help mommy and baby to a high level of contentment.

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Mother and Baby Gift Baskets

Sometimes mom and dad are true sports fans and want their baby to start out on the right track with a gift basket that will make all other babies jealous. A Football Themed Mother and Baby Gift Basket will get the new arrival into the game of life with a perfect whimsical gift. The basket includes an 18” Touchdown Snuggler Bear with an attached blankie, another wee Touchdown Cuddler Rattle Bear, a Touchdown bib, Touchdown Socks, a Baby Photo Album, a Supersoft Plush Baby Blanket, and even more. What a memorable baby gift. And how proud will the parents be during the neighborhood game party when baby arrives to cheer on their favorite team.

Mother and Baby Gift Baskets will be well received by the ecstatic parents. Be sure you send the exact one you find and let them know how much you care.

Remember, Gift Basket Café is “Where Quality and Choice Excel”.