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Cookie, Cakes and Pies - Gifts and Gift Baskets

Cookies are a favorite snack worldwide. They can be simple, like shortbreads, or extravagant such as drop cookies filled with nuts, chocolate chips, candies, marshmallows, dried fruits, cherries, canned fruits, coconut,whatever you can find in the pantry that will melt into the dough batter. Speaking of batter it might contain oatmeal, light brown or dark brown sugar, molasses, fruit flavors and wines (yes, wines). Look for seasonal cookies in the Cafe to renew old memories and bring back favorite tastes.

Cakes are also a broad category. Pan cakes, sheet cakes, 2 layers to 7 layers, multiple flavors and multiple frostings and toppings. Cheesecakes are a favorite and always taste fantastic.

Pies are an unusual thing to find in the Cafe, but they do come along infrequently. When there are fantastic ones available, the Cafe will offer them.

Find your sweet, and affordable special treats here. Friends, family, and even co-workers would love to receive the treats offered here.

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Cookie, Cakes and Pies - Gifts and Gift Baskets

Cookies, Cakes and Pies - Gifts and Gift Baskets are a new offering in the Cafe. As more become available (and they must be special as the kind you can get in the grocery store are not really what we want to offer to our buyers) we will find them and offer them at affordable prices. If you happen to have a shop or know a place that wants to offer these special treats, just let the Cafe know. We would love to hear from you.

Remember, the Gift Basket Café is “Where Quality and Choice Excel”.